We help companies get their stories straight, then we help them get their stories out into the world. We work on an extremely wide variety of projects, from videos to case studies, microsites, website rewrites, brand refreshes, brand personas, content strategies, digital strategy, digital audits, asset development, SEO, SEM, UX, CRO, mobile, analytics, service, digital design development, traffic generation (programmatic display), conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, application architecture and social media management.

We believe that while technologies and media landscapes often change, the art of persuasion never does.  We believe that storytelling is the fundamental way that human beings communicate, persuade and grow.  

Minty Fresh maintains a strong commitment to the art of persuasion, with storytelling being our chief mode of persuasion. Powerful persuasion starts with diligent research around the audience, the product, and the intersection of the two.  We create a holistic and compelling brand story, voice, and personality that allows us to bridge the gap. We use these elements as our jumping off points for creating engaging, informative and compelling brand content that is consistent over time.  In a nutshell, we help brands get their story straight, then we help them get their story out into the world.