Millennials have changed the drinking culture. Alcohol brands have four generations to consider; the Greatest Generation (68+), the Baby Boomers (49-67), Generation X (37-48), and the youngest, the Millennials. In this article we look at alcohol preferences of Millennials to outline behavioral patterns of this group that can be applied across industries.  

Social Is Important:
Drinking alcohol is much more of a social activity than with any other generation. Millennials associate drinking with outdoor activities and holiday occasions while older generations think of drinking as something to do alone. And why wouldn’t they? Being social is a fundamental behavioral trait for people age. It’s also mirrors the digital experience Millennials have today. 

Authentic Identity and Storytelling Are Critical:
Millennials look for more authentic and flavorful experiences with their alcohol. They prefer to support brands they feel could make a difference in their own lives. What they choose to drink, is an extension of their identities. “Traditional American” beers, like Budweiser, are seen as bland so they choose craft beers, like San Francisco’s own Anchor Steam. Craft beer brands have found success by creating niche stories and designs that connect authentically. This type of experience has become the standard of trustworthy marketing to Millennial audiences. Simply put, Millennials are receptive to this flavor of content campaigning. 

Event Marketing and Blogs Rule:
When it comes to alcohol, Millennials respond best to in-person events and online blogs. Traditional marketing can be seen as untrustworthy and unnecessary. They take pride in finding a brand they love and discovering it on their own.

Brands from all industries can learn a lot from these preferences when it comes to connecting with Millennials. Baseline opportunities: 

  • Provide opportunities for the consumer to engage with and get-to-know the personality and values of your brand.
  • Align with the storytelling, authentic and adventurous spirit of millennials (How does your brand act as an extension of their respective identities?)
  • Create unique environments for to connect with your brand on a human level, whether it’s in person or online. 

If you’d like more information about how to better connect with Millennials, contact us.  We’d love to discuss how we can help you with your goals.