We all know the stats around how well video performs. We know it engages, builds brand affinity, drives people to through the sales cycle, and improves conversion rates immensely at the point of sale. But video is expensive, it costs a lot of money, takes a lot of time, and sometimes can require the efforts of dozens of experts to produce it. So, what's the most cost effective way for a marketer to create video that's impacting and 110% effective?

Strategy & Development
Once you have your budget set and engage agencies, discuss the strategy and development section first.
 Find out how they do it. Choose an agency who has an approach you love. An agency that's going to do a remarkable job with your video knows that the key to creating impacting and effective video starts well before creative thoughts begin to bubble. Awesome video starts in the strategy & planning phase.  A great agency will do it's own research as well as work sessions with you to get deeper understanding. That's what we do. Traditionally this involves us learning all we can about the following:

  • Audience & Value Proposition
  • Key Insights About the Audience
  • Objectives & KPIs
  • Product Insights
  • Reasons to Believe, Statistics and Advantages
  • Brand Attributes
  • Structural Recommendations
  • Creative Influences
  • Mandatory Dos or Do Nots.
  • What Do We Want People to DO?

Done correctly and with an experienced team this type of work session could be completed in a couple of hours (or a lot more depending on scope) and have a tremendous impact on the quality of the video. 

By all means, speak up during pre-production.  Creatives are great, but they cannot read minds. The pre-production phase is critical, as it usually is the first stage where a creative and visual representation of the strategy manifests. A key to creating video that's powerful and efficient is to participate in pre-production phase--this includes, big ticket items like scripting, storyboarding, casting and location approvals.  If you're not 100% pleased with things at this point, speak up and redirect the visuals and creative. This guarantees that the early shape of the video maps to what's been in your head. 

Production & Post Production
If possible, show up on shoot days and for post production days. Don't wait until review periods to ask questions.  You're paying for it, so you should feel empowered to ask and get answers when you need them. The post production editing and design phase should follow the plan that was set up in the Strategy and Development phase. But sure to critique and gut-check the video with peers or small focus groups to make sure it's resonating. 

These steps are a FRESH approach to the video production process. They've been very effective for us with our amazing clients, and they've enabled video to have a broader reach and to come together for a very competitive price. We'd be delighted to share some additional insights about the video production process and can help your brand as well. Until next time, keep it FRESH.