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Your Most Important Video: The Anthem


Your Most Important Video: The Anthem

Video is a foundational offering at Minty Fresh. For us, it's interesting to reflect on the types of videos that people ask us to work on.  Typically we work with established "start-up" brands all the way up to Fortune 20 companies, and we do a variety of work for them in video and beyond. But when it comes to creating video, the most important video that we create for our clients is something we call the "Anthem" video. 


Many folks would call the anthem video a homepage video. But there are so many ways to use this particular video (social, email, event, pre-roll) that we choose to call it an anthem. This video communicates the story of your brand, what you stand for, and why others should believe in you in the short span of 30-90 seconds. It's your elevator pitch, your masterpiece, your everything. If the world blew up and aliens discovered our lost civilization thousands of years later, this video would be the crown jewel informing them of who we were as a people and what we stood for (or at least how awesome our brands are). The anthem video has the chance to "make you", and that's why we're talking about it today. 


In short, an anthem video is the best way to do two things:

  1. Engage your audience in a story that connects them emotionally to your brand.
  2. Sell your products or services or brand value proposition in a direct and unique way.

Because it's video, it can be delivered in a myriad of ways, like:

  • sharing on social media,
  • front and center on the website for quick and optimized engagement,
  • embedded in email blasts for increased engagement,
  • shared with YouTube to run as pre-roll for particular content,
  • played on big screens at conferences or small booth spaces to capture attention and let viewers learn without engaging salespeople directly.  

The list is truly limitless, which means the ROI is extraordinary. With ROI that's passed across multiple outlets and platforms, it's a no-brainer that starting with this type of video is one of the smartest choices a company can make.

We'd be delighted to share our experiences and results in creating Anthem videos for our clients and bring great ROI to you as well in the video field. Reach out to us, and let's get a conversation started.  Thanks for reading and keep it FRESH. 



Video Is Money


Video Is Money


Do you like your job? Do you like piles of money? Do you want more ca$h money to stuff into your pockets? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please keep reading. While we can't promise what your CEO will do for you for being the best kick-ass marketer on the face of the earth, we can promise that if you adopt a video plan into your marketing strategy, you'll see great results at the bottom line. 


Let's start with stats. 

  • 70% of marketers think video works better than any other medium
  • Internet users spend 88% more time on websites with video
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.
  • 74% of all internet traffic within 2 years will be video
  • Millennials prefer video communication over any other type of content.

Simply put, video is absolutely one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. Video is one of the most powerful mediums to create messages.  It’s how we see the world beyond us. Produced and distributed appropriately, video builds continuity, excitement, and improves brands and conversion altogether. And furthermore, it's steadily becoming the preferred medium of communication for Millennials and the majority of the world. Check out our insights on Millennials in our last blog post. However, just 24% of companies today use online video for audiences. I'm sure they like piles of money too, but video as a core part of strategy could have a profound impact on business today. Trust will. Brands are starting to catch up. Are you? 


We don't just create videos. We create compelling stories. We've produced videos for nearly 90% of our clients. Our in-house video production is a cornerstone. That means we do everything from strategy to creative concepts, production, post-production, A/B testing and distribution. And we work with video influencer partners to create original influencer videos. But it's our storytelling that sets us apart. Storytelling is the fundamental way human beings communicate and share experiences. It's a springboard for emotion, brand affinity, just plain old liking something. 

Our video production starts with a deep dive to understand the audience and value proposition, then we apply a custom filter of storytelling to get you closer to your audience, compelling them to take action.  There's a big difference between a product video, and a product video with a story. Let your imagination fly.

If you're looking for a partner (to achieve superstar marketer status and) to bring your thoughts to life, connect with us.  We'd love to get a conversation started and bring FRESH thinking to your brand.


It's the Mood, Stupid.


It's the Mood, Stupid.

Remember your first camping trip? When you were sitting by the fire, late at night, and Uncle Karl was telling scary stories that made you shriek with fear? That's mood. Take away the fire, the darkness, and you've got uncle Karl just telling a bunch of stories. (Don't be weird, Uncle Karl.)

Great products are awesome on their own. But market-leading products are supported by a strong brand, great design, and powerful storytelling. Great products are able to change our outlook on life and transcend merely being something optional, to being a vital component of our existence.  So how do we create the perfect mood for our audience? At Minty Fresh, we believe this is shaped by a few key components: Audience insights, brand consistency, and design. 


Uncle Karl wouldn't tell the same campfire story to a bunch of seniors because he throughly understands his audience. He's spent enough time knowing that they can be shaped by his storylines and what he has to say. The same is true for brands. Brands must first do a very thorough job of understanding who their audiences are, what they do, what compels them to make choices and what moves them emotionally. Often times, this comes in the shape of audience personas. We've worked with many of our clients to develop these personas, which ultimately help designers design better, marketers market better and companies close more deals. 


Uncle Karl doesn't start the story off screaming. He's not laughing all the way through it either. He's very consistent and deliberate in presenting the story. He uses eye contact regularly, moves his hands and gestures. Consistency is key for brands too. This might be referred to as the big picture of "storytelling." Among many things, brand also includes, voice and story. We work with our clients to land on the central brand story and a central brand voice. This defines how you talk to your different audiences, and how you communicate why you exist and why your offering is important. Having a central voice and story creates consistency in all messaging, and it empowers brands to move forward in unison. 


Knowing his audience and knowing the central story and voice he should speak in, Uncle Karl adds in his own flavor to the campfire story. He throws another log into the fire so that his face is illuminated. He sits you in a tight, close circle, and adds an occasional BOO! here and there to make you jump. This is storytelling design at it's finest. Brands can learn here, too. Each element that composes the story must engage design at the highest levels, so that each particular detail resonates with the audience. This is what being FRESH in design is all about. It keeps old stories new and makes them seriously resonate with the audience. To stay competitive in an extremely noisy forest, brands need to continually refresh designs to engage audiences better, whether it's in the shape of additional video, improving UX or simply adding photos that engage better in social. 


When audience insights, design, and brand meet, they create a mood that shapes the decisions that audiences will take, whether it is to dismiss, engage, or even share. As Forbes reports: 71% of buyers who see a personal value in a B2B purchase will end up buying the product or service. Creating a mood that resonates with your audience helps them see personal value. Building personal value over the long run results in customer loyalty. Thus, yes, it's the mood, and thank you Uncle Karl. 

To build a better mood for your customers, connect with us. We'd love to sit with you and share our experiences in creating better moods, designs, stories, and brand voices for some of the most awesome companies out there. Until next time, keep things FRESH