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How to Identify the True Equities of your Brand


How to Identify the True Equities of your Brand

It is important to know your true equities as a brand. It strengthens the brand and customer relationship and identifies the individual characteristics that make your brand unique. Begin this process by identifying what makes your brand recognizable, memorable and distinctive.


Identify what makes your brand recognizable. The more recognizable, the more trust can develop between brand and consumer. When customers recognize a name they are more likely to reach for that product. Get your name out there. Advertising and publicity should reinforce brand voice.


Continue on to make your brand memorable. It is important for buyers to associate your brand as the top choice. Consumers base decisions on price and past experience with a brand. Build a quality emotional and functional value for your product.


Determine your brand promise and how it answers to the customer. Appeal to the personality of your ideal consumer and craft your promise accordingly. Customers respond to a strong brand identity. The more distinctive and unique the more you relate to your ideal customer

By identifying the true equities of your brand you determine what value you bring to your customers. It helps you to answer: Who are you as a brand? What your brand story is? What strengths your brand has? and What your relationship to your customers?



Marketing to the African American Millennial Man

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Marketing to the African American Millennial Man

We have learned a lot about the Millennial Generation on The Fresh with our recent series on Millennial women but we thought it would be beneficial to dive even further into sub-sections within the Millennial Generation.

As we have explored before in our blog Change It Up, the Millennial Generation is incredibly diverse. They have become one of the most ethnically diverse generations in the United States. Specifically, the African American population has grown 64 percent faster than the rest of the country since 2010. They are the third largest ethnic group of the Millennial Generation, occupying 13 percent of the population.

As a brand it is important to incorporate this information when marketing and to not homogenize Millennials. When targeting African American Millennial men there are a few things to keep in mind:


38 percent of African Americans feel underrepresented in media and twenty five percent feel that many advertisements targeted towards them are offensive. Research has shown that African American consumers tend to respond more favorably to ads that feature an African American cast compared to ads featuring a non-African American cast. This means that when you're marketing, manipulate campaigns to reflect diversity and avoid falling into stereotypes.

Social Media

African American Millennial men are avid social media users. They are reported as being the most intense users of the internet based on time and frequency. More than any other Millennial of ethnic background, African American men use social media to research and purchase the best product for the best price. When targeting African American men consider emphasizing online campaigns.


Interestingly, African American men are 78.4 percent more likely to own an Android over an iOS device. Overall, smartphone and tablet use is very high at 90.9 percent. This sub-section of the Millennial Generation is highly invested in their phones. Interactive and easy to navigate mobile websites are a must.

After engaging with a product, African American Millennial men have significant brand loyalty. By including some of these tips and reminders, your brand can connect more closely with this important sub-section of the Millennial Generation and possibly have a lifetime consumer

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