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6 Tips For Great Testimonial Videos

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6 Tips For Great Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are a great way to speak to your customer.  They highlight the benefits your company can bring to other brands and do this without bragging.  Making testimonial videos is a relevant and authentic way of reaching out to your customers, they resonate with past and potential clients.

There are several steps you can take to ensure you create strong testimonial videos that connect with the viewer:

1. Set Expectations

Figure out the schedule and answer the who, what, when, where and why. Reach out to potential customers who would be willing to take part in the video. Target customers who feel enthusiastic about their experience with the product or brand. Make sure to outline a vision for the look and feel of the video. 

2. To Script or Not To Script

Genuine conversation and expression means more to the viewer than robotic script. Before filming, share questions with your interviewees. Your questions should spotlight the benefits your brand and product provide for the customer. Before the camera starts recording take time to make each individual comfortable. Not everyone will react positively to being on camera!

 3. Take Your Time

Testimonial videos should be short, between 45-60 seconds long. However, they can be up to three minutes and still hold the viewer's attention. This does not mean that your interview is short. The more footage you gather the more important material you find. As the interviewee continues to speak to the camera they will adapt and get more comfortable. 

4. Keep It Simple

Within the time frame of the testimonial video, choose a few select benefits to highlight. Do not overwhelm the viewer. Consumers can only digest so many messages within three minutes.

 5. Visuals

When filming take some time to record b-roll.  B-roll includes product shots, simple text, a look at the community and the activity in and around the workspace. It’s an opportunity to show the viewer the product in action, what benefits it can deliver and the environment of the company.

 6. Structure

In editing, structure the videos to capture the viewer's attention right away. Deliver your message clearly and concisely. How can you edit your video to keep the viewers attention from the very beginning?

Customer testimonial videos provide your brand with a unique opportunity to build trust with potential clients and strengthen existing relationships. They are a great way to reveal to your customers the personal side of your brand and how it benefits your customers.

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