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8 Blogging Tips: What Brands Need to Know


8 Blogging Tips: What Brands Need to Know

Building online content as a brand is a strong way to connect with customers. Blogging is a new part of our brand strategy, but it is already paying off. The following tips are important for brands that plan to enter, or have already entered the blogosphere:

1. Capture Email Addresses

It’s all about the list. At the end of each blog post, include an option for readers to subscribe to receive updates when there are new posts. Every time you publish a new blog post, copy/paste your most compelling fact, statistic or paragraph into an email with a link to the full article. This is a great way to increase your website traffic and email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your audience and retain readers.

2. Attend Conferences and Meetups

Become an active member of your business community. Discover what is trending and engage with like minded individuals. Conferences and Meetups provide a space for conversations that cannot and will not transpire in a digital forum.  Live events allow you to network and further your industry acumen.  Live events provide learning opportunities, ideas for your next blog post and foster lasting relationships.

3. Repurpose

Just because it is old, does not mean it isn’t still relevant. Repurpose previous content into infographics, videos or presentations. Show your readers how the content you publish is still valuable.

4. Write Often

Write at least twice a week. Publishing posts regularly transforms your blog into a hotspot for new information. It trains your readers into expecting new content from you. They will check out your site more often.

5. Less is More

The shorter the better. Blogs are effective when they are instructive and to the point. When writing a post consider writing shorter sentences and paragraphs. Edit posts to reduce the clutter.  Instead of a 500 word post reduce a post to 350 words to cut the fluff. Some may argue that long copy post (1500 words or more) rank better in Google. They do. But, writing two 1500 articles per week is not a realistic goal for most.

6. Optimize!

Incorporate keywords. After you have produced a number of posts track what posts are doing best. Invest time into Google keyword generator. Use those keywords in posts as well as headings.

7. Get Social

Post to all social media accounts. Use each account to show off different aspects of your brand. On LinkedIn, you want to be all about business, share posts that are professionally oriented. On Facebook, show a little of your personality and keep it light. On Twitter, shine the spotlight on your blog. If you want to reach the millennial audience your brand should also be on Instagram and Snapchat.

8. Don’t Give Up

There is a misconception that by simply creating a blog you will automatically attract thousands of viewers which will then lead to increased revenue far beyond expectation. In reality, blogging takes time. It takes persistence and patience to build a substantial following. With each new post, your brand voice will gain resonance, depth and distinction. Focus on your actions (writing 2 blog posts and publishing it on 4 different platforms every week), instead of comments, likes, retweets and shares.

Building a popular blog with a large readership takes time. If you use these tips and stay the course, your brand will reap the benefits of blogging.