We're continuing with our 5-part series focusing on the Millennial woman. Today’s feature: #Hashtagit.

More than 70% of consumers are motivated to explore new brands when hashtags are present. Hashtags are everywhere and a lot of the time serve as fluff, but there is a way to use hashtags to foster conversation and unite consumers in a digital experience. With the Millennial addiction to social media using hashtags can make a great marketing technique. One click has the potential to bring each Millennial to a self curated page that showcases the brand.

When marketing to Millennial women inspiring and empowering hashtags can generate social buzz and PR. Hashtags such as #likeagirl for Always and #girlboss for Sophia Amoruso’s book have sparked online conversations.

One brand successfully using hashtags for this market is Actavis. This pharmaceutical brand offers birth control with a very low dose of estrogen. Their recent advertising campaign focuses on the hashtag #ActuallySheCan.  #ActuallySheCan was created in response to the existing catchphrase “I can’t even.” This directly appeals to Millennial women empowering them to achieve their goals while encouraging the consumer to get more familiar with the brand. 

The site focuses on a character, Violet, who is a young female Millennial. On different pages of the site the visitor has the option to engage with the brand on a more playful level. Actavis invites visitors to upload selfies to receive a personalized Shemoji and is currently hosting a writing contest called Actually 500 Words Can

#ActuallySheCan creates an online community for Millennial women to interact with the brand and learn about birth control. An online conversation is started where anyone can join or go to receive information. Their hashtag #ActuallySheCan inspires women to take part in the conversation, take control of their own health and go for their goals.

Using hashtags amplifies brand voice and allows the target consumer to engage with the product directly. Not only does it create an online community but it also stimulates a larger movement. Brands, marketers, creatives--consider reaching the Millennial women by creating a hashtag to which she can connect.