Over the next couple weeks, we’re launching a 5-part series of blogs focused on the Millennial woman. Today’s feature: Getting More Personal.

Millennial women are revolutionaries. Demanding change and forging new paths for younger women coming after them, Millennial women are inspiring change. Whether or not this affects marketing is not a question. These women expect to be treated as individuals and that includes how marketers and brands speak to them. There are several ways brands can get more personal with Millennial female customers to make them feel valued and take action.

Treat Them Special

Go beyond simply ‘liking’ or commenting back. Giving a little attention goes a long way.  Creating loyalty programs, recognition events, special access to sales and promotional events allows a personal relationship to develop between the brand and Millennial woman. Simply appreciating anyone builds trust. In this case it also leads to increased ROI.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Millennial women want to engage with a brand that they can relate to and see themselves. Companies like Primark do this well.  Primania is an online fashion playground for their customers to post, share and get inspiration from. This site shows a range of individuals who engage with the brand, mainly by taking selfies. It allows old and new customers to picture themselves in the products with more of a sense of reality. These women look just like the customer, they are relatable. Instead of forcing women to believe they have to look a certain way in order to participate, brands can be inclusive, showing that Millennial women of all types are welcome to interact with and benefit from the brand. Do this.


What better way to personalize than to use sophisticated websites that analyze cookie data and self-service platforms? Using this information actually helps to connect with Millennial women. This group desires to be seen as unique and authentic. The information these platforms provide allows that to develop. Personalized advertising will grow in importance for this generation as they continue to be the earliest adopters of new technology.

As the buying power of Millennials increases, brands must respect that members of this generation expect to be treated as individuals. Go get personal.