We're continuing with our 5-part series focusing on the Millennial woman. Today's feature: "For God's Sake Have Some Values." 

According to Forbes, consumers have proven more likely to support a brand they perceive as ethical and fair. More than any other generation Millennials have the highest ideals. Nearly 40 percent of millennials prefer to spend money on a good cause, even if it means paying more for a product. Applying this ‘Millennial perspective’ to your brand can create a dramatic change.

When appealing to the female Millennial it helps to have a strong association between brand and values. Socially conscious brands appeal to Millennial women. Brands that support wellness, naturalness, localism, and are looking to better the world or a certain community are appealing.

Method is a household and personal cleaning brand that creates “naturally-derived, biodegradable, non-toxic” products.  Their mission is to create aesthetically pleasing cleaning supplies that has the safety of the consumer as well as Mother Earth in mind. The relationship between the customer and earth becomes a large part of investing in the product. The customer ends up feeling as if they have improved earth. With a mission and brand traits that matter to the world, Method has earned a spot in the hearts, minds and wallets of Millennials.

This relationship strategy is repeated in the branding of the female care product, Thinx. A fairly new invention, Thinx is revolutionizing female care by creating "period underwear". They are environmentally friendly and for every pair a customer purchases the company sends funds to their partner organization, AFRIpads. Thinx uses creativity and social awareness as marketing tools. Millennial women care about programs such as these that help them manage their well-being and make healthier choices.

It’s more important than ever that brands either or adopt or associate themselves with an important cause. Any brand can sell widgets, software or packaged goods. Great brands can change the world. Millennial are looking for a larger story. It’s up to brands today to build a legacy that connects with the future consumers of the planet, and leaves the planet in great shape.