The last of our 5-part series focusing on the Millennial woman. Today’s feature: Change or Staying Relevant.

Millennials are ushering in a wave of change — a change which should affect the tactics and techniques used in digital marketing today. This change is seen in the high diversity present in this generation. Within the Millennial Generation alone the US Chamber Foundation reports that 60% of 18 – 29 year olds classify as non-Hispanic white. There is a record low of whites, with 19% Hispanic, 14% black, 4% Asian, and 3% of mixed race or other. Minorities are becoming more and more represented.

Within this diverse generation, Millennials are revolutionizing everything. Past expectations and stereotypes are being questioned. According to NPR, 34% of 25 to 34 year olds are waiting longer to get married. 38% have between one and six tattoos while 23% have a piercing in some place other than their earlobe.

Millennial women are a large part of this change and revolutionary lifestyle. Gender roles are being criticised and challenged. Millennial women are more career-oriented, educated and ethnically diverse than previous generations. They are pursuing independence like never before and forging new paths for the next generation

Brands must reflect the diversity that is so highly revered by Millennial women. This includes (but is not limited to) race, gender identity, sexual orientation, family makeup, body type, and cultural background. As we mentioned in our recent blog post (Millennial Women Series: Getting More Personal) this generation of women appreciates the personal connection.

ModCloth does a great job of connecting with female Millennials and honoring their diversity.  

In recent campaigns ModCloth has used actual customers as well as their employees to model their products. They have even taken a pledge promising not to photoshop their models. This marketing tactic is authentic. By using a diverse range of models and promising not to alter their bodies, Modcloth gives each customer more of a reason to connect with the brand.

Marketers should not only be considering the eclectic nature of the entire Millennial Generation, but specifically Millennial Women. Including their revolutionary perspective in brand strategy, could strengthen the bond between brand and consumer. These women are a force to be reckoned with, we shouldn’t be surprised as they create more change.