When it comes to Millennial women, fact, anecdote, experience and conjecture all play a role in outlining what brands can do to engage better with this subsection. In this article, we combine facts, research, the experiences of women in this category who work with us, like Courtney, and our experiences with brands who have succeeded in building great relationships with this audience.  The following insights are based off of this mix. The comments below are our top tips to help brands build better relationships with Millennial women. 

Get Personal
Women, more than any other subsection in Millennials want to feel that the brand they invest in understands them.  This means that brands need to do their homework. Track and note what social media conversations focus on and pay attention to trends that Millennial women are excited about. Sending personalized emails benefits, too.

Amazon is a great example. They do an incredible job of staying in touch with their consumer by sending emails with recommendations based on last purchased. This is getting personal without being creepy.
Hashtags create a pocket for people to find one another and connect in. With hashtags, brands can create an online community the consumer can easily associate with.  

Urban Outfitters created an entire website dedicated to their community. The site, UO Community, is a curation of uploaded Instagram photos and pictures hashtagged #UOonYOU.  It gives inspiration to those looking at the site and neatly packages the overall aesthetic of Urban Outfitters markets.
For God’s Sake, Have Some Values
Align with a cause or charity but only if it is authentic.  Millennials are known for their idealism.  Companies like Toms that have capitalized on the buy a pair give a pair model are successful among Millennials because they associate themselves with a larger cause and appeal to their values. It’s about making the brand or product larger than itself and asking how it can be seen as a movement.
Be Funny
This is a generation of women are growing up with strong and hilarious female leaders. Millennial women look up to Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Wiig, and Amy Schumer--celebrities who are reinventing comedy with a feminist twist.  

Lastly, remember to keep on your toes.  This generation of Millennial women are groundbreakers.  More than ever before, stereotypes and previously crafted expectations are being broken and revolutionized.

That’s it. Well, almost it. Courtney, nice work of helping us pull this together. Thanks for your research, positioning, and writing. But most importantly, thanks for your honesty, insights and willingness to give a part of yourself to help others see what’s effective in marketing. And thank you, reader, for taking the time to find us on #theFRESH. 

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