Sometimes I check my spam folder to see if there is, like, one spectacular, beautiful email from someone who is "the chosen one." Someone who is such an amazing writer that I respond, "Enough with the fraud, you conniving felonious poet, you. Have you ever considered a career in advertising?"

Spam ends up in the spam folder for a reason. While there is a highly technical explanation, let's assume that it's because the writing is "undesired," too. Marketing often depends on the written word, so the story, and every word in it, should move audiences to take action. If you want to hire copywriters who know the art of persuasion, here are some steps we take at Minty Fresh Digital. 

First, get the facts straight. Great copywriters have a complete comprehension of the subject matter. They also understand who they are talking to, what the brand voice sounds like, and how their audiences prefer communication. Persuasive writers have facts on what's important for the audience to understand, what the reasons-to-believe are, and what statistics will make the offering different. Sound familiar? It's also part of the process to great storytelling. 

Color. When we read, our brains convert words to images. That's how we work. When it comes to persuasive copywriting, color brings the language to life. The imagery created by the words should resonate with the audience and awaken senses at the same time. If your current writing doesn't do that, it's a problem. Call us. 

Be specific. You don't have much time. Persuasive writers know their time is limited, as attention spans shorten. Keeping things short and sweet makes a great impression, keeps audiences searching for more and build brand affinity. 

For more insights on how we can help you create persuasive copy that brings gallons of black ink to your bottom line, connect with us today, or reach out to me directly at