A microsite is separate from a company’s larger website and often focuses on one product. It provides specialized information without the clutter of a full website. Microsites can be used permanently or temporarily to promote a new product, launch a campaign or highlight a promotion.

Microsites are an exclusive space for the customer to interact with the product. The most effective microsites have focus by narrowing in on one product and providing quality information. They bring awareness to the product, create a call to action, and creatively use the opportunity to design an engaging interactive site for the user. Microsites provide flexibility and experimentation which can branch away from the restraints of the larger company’s website.


When crafting your microsite it is important to focus on the buyer persona. The site should cater to the personality and characteristics of the ideal customer. This means the content should be more about the customer than the product or services. Overall, microsites provide numerous benefits including:

Microsites are a versatile space for brands to provide a personalized experience for the ideal customer to engage with a product. Having a microsite creates an online community that centralizes the brand as a major source of quality information.