Email marketing campaigns are a great way for brands to reach out to their target customer. They are a fast and cost-effective way of delivering content. With more brands turning to this method it is important to approach email marketing the right way otherwise your emails risk the chance of being blocked, deleted, or unsubscribed from.

The following tips help improve email marketing campaigns.

1. Target

Don’t spam! Segment your audience according to characteristics. This allows you to tailor the content of your email to certain customers. Instead of sending everything to everyone, your campaign lands in the inboxes of the customers who want to see it.

2. Strong Subject Lines

The subject line is the hook, it needs to entice the reader to click. Subjects need to be short to help leverage curiosity. Be sure to connect the subject line to the overall content of the email. Set up an expectation for the viewer and fulfill it.

3. Call to Action

Craft a call to action in each email. Display the offer and the end date clearly to promote a sense of urgency. The body of your email should draw your customer in and lead to your brand website.

4. Responsive Design

It is important for email marketing campaigns to look good on both web browsers and mobile device platforms. Responsive designs create a better experience for the viewer and optimize the effectiveness of your campaign.

5. Analytics

Focus on the conversions. Take advantage of email marketing tools offered through Hubspot, Mailchimp or Constant Contact to help track click to open rates. These platforms help your brand get the most out of your campaign as they track sales generated.

Email marketing campaigns can be a useful way to communicate and build relationships with customers, gather important analytics and increase ROI. These tips can help transform how your email marketing campaigns land with potential customers.