build a content strategy 

Content strategy defines:

  1. What goes into your planning and distribution
  2. How content is presented and experienced 
  3. How content comes across to audiences
  4. Where content lives and especially what it does

Our engagements include:

  • Discovery results, business objectives, challenges, and opportunities
  • A detailed evaluation of our client’s existing content
  • Industry overview, competitor analysis, best practices, gap analysis
  • High level content strategy recommendations
  • High level messaging, personality, and voice

What makes us different?

We prioritize content strategy above most of our offerings. Why?  With a content strategy as the foundation, your company can build more effective websites, platforms, and individual pieces of marketing content that solve customer problems. Content strategy directly supports your marketing and sales goals, weaves together a cohesive and consistent story over time, and keeps customers coming back. Contact us today to discuss how content strategy will help you.